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Father above,
      We pray and plead for your most blessed, Holy mercy. We know, as fallen humans, we do not deserve it, yet we still ask for Thy grace. We thank you for your gracious and loving son who paid our sin-debt in full on Calvary, to set us free. Lord, please accept our fervent prayer this day. Grant us, this hour, your full mercy in accordance to your will, Father. Deliver us all from our sinful nature and create in us a new and reverent spirit by which we can live a more obedient life, through your word. Lord, grant to us the light of your Holy Spirit through earnest prayer and supplication. We pray this all in the name of your blessed son, Jesus Christ. AMEN



Dear Heavenly Father,

Teach us to become more aware of the many blessings that surround us, daily. Guide us as we experience, through our senses, what wonders you freely give. From the sights, sounds and fragrances of nature, we are reminded of your wonderful creation. From the touch of soft material which covers us and keeps us warm to the feeling of warmth we experience from the love of another- -we praise you. Lord, as we taste the fruits of our labor, let us all be thankful for our lively-hood. We are blessed bountifully from your hands, Father. From your written word, may we all be more cognizant of your handiwork each day. Lord, this prayer cannot conclude without thankful praise to you for your blessed son, Jesus Christ. Father, we thank you for sending Jesus to this earth to teach us, to guide us, but more importantly; to love us by dying on the cross to save our souls. We humbly pray this prayer of awareness and thanks in Jesus' name.



Dear God,

     We pray for all of the people who are sick in body, mind and in soul, for they need your healing hands to comfort and guide them onto the paths of well-ness. Give them the strength and the wisdom to see the ways of your word. We also pray to you God to help us help others in need. Guide us to: bring water to the parched, food to the hungry, clothes to the naked, shelter to the homeless, and understanding to our fellow man and woman in times of trouble and confusion. God, we also ask you to bring humbleness to the proud, meekness to the mighty, compassion to the unfeeling, wisdom and learning to the unlearned, happiness to the oppressed and saddened, comfort to the grieving, friendship to the lonely, and above all; Love to our brothers and sisters who choose to hate others. We pray this humble prayer through your son, Jesus Christ. AMEN.



Dear Lord,

       As we bow our heads in complete humbleness to you, we ask you for forgiveness of all our sins. We also thank you for all the bountiful blessings you so graciously bestow upon us. We ask that you be with all who are in need of your comfort. Grant them the solace and mercy of your loving spirit. Be with all who are lost and forgotten. Let them know that your arms of love and grace are enfolding them and that they are truly NOT alone, or forgotten. Please comfort those in grief and anguish as they come to terms with the realization that a loved one is gone forever. They are now one with you, Father....and like your son, Jesus Christ- -who is at your right hand, our loved ones are not far away, either. Father, more importantly, we thank you for your son, Jesus. Through Him, we can reach you for every need, and in addition, praise you for all things. In Jesus sake, Amen.



Dear Heavenly Father,

      We praise your name and humbly glorify your word. We ask your forgiveness for all our sins and  beseech you to draw us closer to you. We desire to walk with you in our daily lives and thus conform ourselves in Jesus' image. We gratefully acknowledge Jesus as our Lord and Savior and humbly thank you with reverent hearts. In Jesus name, Amen.



Dear God,

   We thank you for this day. We thank you for all days of work, play and praising your name. We thank you for the nights of calm, restful sleep. We give thanks to you for the bountiful food and quenching drink that helps to sustain us, daily. Most of all, we give you praise for your everlasting love and the forgiveness that you bestow upon us, through your son, Jesus Christ. AMEN.



Heavenly Father,

      In this season of giving thanks and praise, let us not forget all who have passed on before . Those who have made it possible for us all to exercise the freedom to pray. And in doing so, we acknowledge from whence these bountiful blessings come. Teach us to keep everyday a day of thanksgiving and worship to you Father. But mostly, we give you thanks for your precious son, Jesus Christ, who died so that we may live. Amen.



Dear God,

 Please forgive us for not taking the time out of our busy lives to thank you for all the many blessings you bestow upon us. You are the reason we have the ability to have full lives in the first place. We thank you for guiding us in the right direction and granting us your grace so we can worthily praise your name forevermore. We pray this through your son, Jesus Christ. AMEN.



Dear Lord,

      As we enter into the holiest of seasons, let us think back to a much simpler time . A time when, as children, we were taught the story of your birth. And as we grew, we learned of your teachings and ministry throughout the world. Now as adults, we have the ability to pass on your word and story to our children in order that they will come to love you as their Saviour.  We pray we can reach out to each child with your message of love, mercy and  grace  and show them what the true meaning of Christmas is to us all. We pray this in your name. Amen.



Dear Lord,

    We turn to you with heavy hearts- -heavy with the wrongs that we have done and said. So we come now, asking for your forgiveness and your mercy through your son, Jesus. Lord, you are a patient God, you are a loving God, and you are a just God. We are humbled by your love for us. We are also humbled by the sacrifice your dear Son, Jesus; paid for our sins. We love you dear, Lord and we love Jesus. We ask your forgiveness for our transgressions and we pray this prayer through your blessed son's name. AMEN.



Dear Heavenly Father,

     Help us to become better disciples and instill in us the knowledge and compassion we need to carry out your work. We also ask you to help us broaden our commitment to your son, Jesus. There's much all of us can do to help relay your message to all people we come in contact with, daily. We must actively commit ourselves to this mission. In your son's name, we pray. AMEN.



Dear God,

   As we wander through our lives, we reach for some form of light to help us find our way. Just as your light shows us the way, we will also need your grace, forgiveness and mercy to help us pave the way to a richer, more fulfilling existence. Only through you can we find a more complete and better way of life. Lord, help us to understand your teachings so that we may be able to live that life through you and your son, Jesus Christ. We pray this prayer through Jesus, our Savior. AMEN.



O Merciful God,

    We often take for granted what you give freely. We never really hear the birds sing, see the sun shine, or amaze at all the wonders you have created. Forgive us, and teach us to take some extra time to enjoy the simple pleasures you have bestowed upon us. Grant us thy will to rely on your great gifts, rather than on man-made items, so we may readily praise your works and miracles through Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord. AMEN.



Dear Lord in Heaven,

    Let us all come to you now and praise your name and all of your glorious works. We seem to keep too busy on non-important issues and neglect talking to you at all. We humbly ask for your forgiveness. Have us become more mindful of your presence in our lives. We do thank you for all of the wonderful gifts you so graciously bestow upon us. Each day is a true blessing, Lord. Father, we thank you most of all for the greatest gift ever-your Son, Jesus Christ. We pray this prayer through Jesus, our Savior. AMEN.



Dear Heavenly Savior,

   We beseech you to show us the way of loving you as you would desire. We seem to always take your love and your blessings for granted. Teach us all to commit ourselves to learning and following your daily word and impress upon us the importance of loving our fellow man as you first loved us. Use us all in your service to be worthy disciples in spreading your message. We pray this humble prayer in the name of your glorious Son, Jesus Christ. AMEN.



Our Father above,

We begin this New Year with a heart full of thankfulness. Each new day is a gift from you, Lord. Teach us all to make the very best of it we can. May we take the time to set new goals for ourselves this coming year. Not big goals that will be to difficult to achieve, but goals that we, as Christians, must try to attain, daily. First of all, we need to walk in your footsteps. To be gentle, caring, to not judge others, to be a friend to the friendless, to ease a brother or sister's burden, but most of all- -to love others as You first loved us. In this coming year, may we listen more carefully to that still-small voice that whispers in our hearts. It will be summoning us to kneel and pray to you. May we never be more than a prayer away from you, Father. We pray this prayer in earnest and we ask it in your wonderful Son's name. AMEN.



Dear Heavenly Father,

    We give you thanks and praise for all you bestow upon us each day. On this Memorial Day weekend, we stop to remember and thank each service man and woman for their sacrifice in helping to keep this country safe and free. Let us never forget all who gave their lives for this freedom we seem to take for granted. In the same vein, let us never forget what your Son, Jesus Christ sacrificed for us all on that Cross at Calvary. Jesus paid it all and all to Him we owe. Teach us all to be more like Jesus. We pray this prayer through your Son, our Savior. AMEN.



Dear Lord,

   As long as we live on this earth, we know that our time is always your time. We will never know when the time will come when you call us home. We are at your mercy, Father. Teach us to love one another more and to give of ourselves more freely and without self-indulgence. Just as all of the brave fireman, policemen and city workers gave their lives to help save the victims of 9-11, we should love our fellow men and women with that same love. We do salute and thank those brave men and women for making the ultimate sacrifice. Jesus, we thank you for making the most extreme and ultimate sacrifice, ever. Giving your life on Calvary's Cross for our sins, forever. We praise your name in unending adoration and supplication. And through your glorious name we pray this prayer. AMEN.



Dear Heavenly Father,

    We pray for your direction and guidance in our preparation of becoming Disciples of your word. Teach us all to spread your truth to all we come in contact with by reaching out and showing your love through our actions. Implore in us your everlasting spirit to show thy path in this wayward world. Mold us into the model of your Son, Jesus Christ. Just as Jesus sought out His Disciples, we too must become present-day fishers of men- -spreading your word to all. Lord, may we be the Apostles you need us to be and help guide others to your side through the teaching of your word. We pray this through your Son, Jesus Christ. AMEN.




Almighty God,

    We pray for wisdom in these times of uncertainty. We look deep into our hearts and souls to find your truth. We pray for comfort in our times of spiritual restlessness-- as we journey through the murky waters of sin and self-doubt. Lord, we pray for your word to enrich our lives and bring us to a closer relationship and understanding with you, through your Son, Jesus Christ. Father, we pray that all your children are granted the same wisdom, comfort, and the promise of your word throughout their daily lives in order that we all can gather in your house and praise you more lovingly and faithfully from this day forward. Lord, we pray this fervent prayer through your Son, Jesus Christ. AMEN.



Dear Heaven Father,

  We pray for your guiding hand to lead us to your way. Only through your word can we gain the assurance of everlasting hope and life in your Son, Jesus Christ. We look to Jesus for our strength in overcoming temptation and bringing us safely to your side. Lord, we give you glory, praise and honor and thank you for your most wonderful of blessings... your Son, Jesus. We pray this through His name. AMEN.



Dear Lord above,

     Never let us forget about those who are hurting from guilt, shame and other afflictions we may not know about. Show us that we need to remember those who are: sick, imprisoned, lonely, confused, in need of a friend, dying, hungry, spiritually lost in their lives--wandering aimlessly through life. Teach us to comfort our brothers and sisters in their hours of need, wherever they may be. Have us to look deeply into their hearts and understand. Teach us to reach out our hands and help them up and feed their souls and hearts with your word, O Lord. Let us never forsake one of our hurting brothers or sisters along life's way. Grant us the strength to carry forth your will and your way in bringing all to you, dear Father. We pray this needful prayer through your blessed Son, Jesus Christ. AMEN.



Dear Lord,

   We pray this day for you to enlighten our hearts to your truth and your way. Guide us to make the right and just choices in our lives. Teach us, we beseech you, to walk along side of you and to listen for your wonderful words of hope, love and fellowship. Guide us down the narrow way that is your righteous path. Show us the way to love others as you first loved us. Protect us from all harm and shield us from all iniquities. We praise you from the depths of our hearts and our souls. We will forever give you thanks for your many blessings. We pray this through your gracious Son, Jesus Christ. AMEN.



     God, our Holy Comforter,

      In times of distress, prepare us with your grace to comfort others in their moments of sorrow, confusion and doubt. May we be for others as you are for us. Instill in our hearts the same mercy and compassion you display to us when we turn to you. Teach us to extend our hand in friendship, our arms in a loving embrace, and to show our hearts of love to those who reach out to us. May our lips speak of your divine love and grace. May we not forsake others in trying to fulfill our will. Guide us through your daily word to always be for our fellow-man and not for ourselves. We pray this through your blessed son, Jesus Christ. AMEN.



Dear Heavenly Father,

     As we draw closer to you, remind us that we are to continually serve our fellow man (and woman). Through your grace, we realize our true potential in the service to others. With your guiding hand, we can readily perform our ministry through any adverse situations. As your unchanging love for us guides our ongoing quest to reach out to others, make us mindful of those who are still in the dark about your Word. Lord, show Thy grace upon the lives of the wandering and destitute. Help us to shine the light of your mercy and love in their lives, thus bringing them into your fold. Father, we praise you for your unceasing mercy. May we project your love to all we come in contact with each day. Lord, we pray this through your son, Jesus Christ. AMEN.



Dear Lord in Heaven,

    We ask your mercy and grace upon the soul of our beloved one. (Insert name here) has now committed their soul and spirit into your hands. We pray that your everlasting love will encompass him ( her) forever. Father, as we mourn (insert name here) passing, may your comforting spirit pour over this house of worship today. We beseech you, O' Lord, to fill our mourning hearts with your sustaining compassion and love as we continue to journey forward. We thank you for the life of (insert name here). We know your will has been done in his (her) time here on earth. With solemn hearts looking to you, we pray this prayer through your son, Jesus Christ. AMEN.



Dear Father,

   I kneel in reverence to you and pray that you bestow upon me the will to let go of earthly possessions that are yours to begin with. Tender my heart-felt angst at losing something of worldly value and show me your heavenly word that's of more importance. Teach me the truth that all material can be replaced, but the price of a human life is forever irreplaceable. Show me, through the teachings of your son, that all things on earth come from you. Whatever you giveth, you can also taketh away. Lord, help me to eternally remember that truth. I fervently pray this prayer through your son, Jesus Christ, my Savior and Redeemer. AMEN.